Start a Mobile Medical Clinic

A Mobile Medical Clinic improves patient care, gives providers access to cutting-edge medical treatments, supports a cost-effective medical model, and provides ultimate provider flexibility. Our consultant services will help you get started today.

Mobile medical clinic doctor

Are you a medical practitioner passionate about providing high-quality healthcare but frustrated by the limitations of a traditional clinic? Unlock the potential of a mobile medical practice with our expert consultation services. We specialize in guiding healthcare professionals like you through establishing a successful mobile clinic. Our comprehensive service includes strategic planning, regulatory compliance, logistical support, and marketing strategies tailored to your unique vision and community needs.

Why a Mobile Medical Clinic?

During the 2019 pandemic, healthcare service delivery experienced a paradigm shift. Across the nation, in-home care become a vital necessity for many of the nation’s healthcare consumers. From this shift came the evolution of the mobile outpatient model (Medicare Part B), where practitioners travel to patient’s homes to deliver healthcare services. The mobile medical clinic model reduces overhead costs for the practice owner while providing a personalized concierge service for the consumer, which Medicare and most commercial insurances fully cover.

Some of the top benefits of the mobile medical clinic model include:


A mobile medical practice can be more cost-effective than a traditional brick-and-mortar clinic. Overhead costs, such as rent and utilities, are significantly reduced, allowing for more affordable patient care and lowering operating costs overall.

Flexibility for Providers

Medical professionals running a mobile practice enjoy greater flexibility in their schedules and practice settings. More flexibility leads to better work-life balance and the ability to serve diverse patient populations.

Innovation and Modernization

Mobile medical practices can leverage the latest in telemedicine and portable medical technology, offering cutting-edge services and enhancing the overall quality of care. Electronic health records (EHRs) and other digital tools can streamline operations and improve patient outcomes.

Diverse Service Offerings

Mobile medical practices can offer a wide range of services, from primary care to specialized services like dental care, mental health services, and chronic disease management. This versatility can meet various community needs and address gaps in the current healthcare system.

Flexibility for Patients

Patients can now enjoy the convenience of receiving medical care at their location, be it at home, work, or community centers. This flexibility is a boon for those with mobility issues, chronic illnesses, or those who struggle to take time off work for medical appointments, relieving them of the stress and inconvenience of traditional clinic visits.

What Types of Practitioners Do We Work With?

  • Physical Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Medical Doctors
  • Physicians Assistants
  • Nurse Practitioners

Our Consultation Package Includes:

  • Collaborative coaching with established practice owners covering the foundations of practice management (3 hours).
  • Formation of LLC or desired entity type
  • Establish EIN (Tax ID)
  • Medicare Part B Credentialing 
  • Marketing Plan (3 hours)